#beActivePlus Day

saturday October 12, 2019

#beActive Plus Day is on the horizon and we are super excited for you to join us for an evening of competitive sports and conditioning! This year #beActive Plus Day will focus on Performance Training. Sports performance training is designed to improve your fitness level to improve your ability to perform a given sport. It includes corrective and restorative exercise, strength training, conditioning, and cardiovascular training. It also includes sports-specific techniques and drills, nutritional advice, mental and psychological training, and constant and consistent accountability and monitoring by a qualified trainer/coach.

This special evening is led by some of the nations top coaches and instructors in their field of expertise. Check them out below!

A special thank you to our generous sponsors

  • Harlem Community Development Corporation

  • EY

  • Back2Basics Basketball


  • NY Giants

  • Fairway

  • Harmless Harvest

  • Dr. Bronners


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  • Health-Ade

  • Panera Bread

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  • Washington Heights Invitational Basketball

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  • New York Red Bulls

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