Harlem Hospital and Active Plus Join Forces

We are happy to announce that Harlem Hospital is now an official partner of Active Plus. Not only will our student-athletes and clients be getting amazing physical fitness training/education but now Harlem Hospital will provide a streamline of healthcare services.

Active Plus and Harlem Hospital continues to address health disparities that exist in the Harlem community by providing reproductive health services to empower women, men, and adolescents to prevent unintended pregnancy. We serve diverse populations including; low-income, uninsured and under insured people of color, many of whom are immigrants. 

Services Provided: Pregnancy Testing & Options Counseling, Contraceptive Methods (including IUD's and Implants), Emergency Contraceptives, STD Testing & Treatment, HIV Counseling & Testing, Infertility, Postpartum Care, Breast Cancer Screening, PAP Smears (for women), Colorectal Screening (for men) and Social Services.

We facilitate health education workshops on topics such as Pregnancy Prevention, Young Men's Health, HIV/AIDS, STD's, Hygiene, Healthy Eating, Relationships, Breast Health and Cervical/Colorectal Cancer.